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“Sky Solutions, LLC is a strategic consulting, staffing and technology services company headquartered in the Washington D.C. Metro Area. We deploy the optimal people, expertise and technologies to help organizations improve their business performance. Sky Solutions is committed to creating innovative, flexible solutions for government and commercial clients.  As a Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) with Woman and Minority Owned certifications, we provide key staff to employers to meet their business-critical needs while promoting diversity and equal opportunity in employment.”


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To become renown as influential and innovative members in the IT Industry


We believe in building relationships with our clients and partners through trust, integrity, respect, and dilligence


To simplify all complex and business critical needs with technological advancements



Sky Solutions is composed of technologists and engineers who understand superior service determines the success of all our client relationships.  You can expect our project manager, analyst, engineer or consultant to be a critical member of your team.  Sky Solutions is always available to provide technological solutions to your critical business needs.

Artificial Intelligence

Cloud & Infrastructure


Data Science


Cyber Security

Software Developement

Managed Services

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Digital Platforms

Automation & Innovation

Artificial Intelligence is redefining how businesses operate.  From Chatbots automating customer support to AI improving operations, we are now seeing the future.  Sky Solutions helps businesses design and build cutting-edge solutions that enable them to achieve a first-mover advantage to be leaders in their industries.

Architecture & Consulting

Sky Solutions leverages own experience to design AI solutions that can help businesses automatically build and monitor their pipelines.  By designing your architecture, you can focus more on closing deals rather than making proposals; turn leads into customers more rapidly.

Maintenance & Support

Sky Solutions can run your IT operations smoothly and cost-effectively. We can monitor all your key IT assets to ensure that any unforeseen outage is addressed instantly. Our engineers run nightly diagnostics and apply predictive analytics to proactively fix issues that may lead to avoidable disruptions for the business users.

Contingent Workforce

Our Contingent Workforce division draws on the experience of some of the top experts in the industry, working passionately to find the best fit talent for customers’ projects. We are one of the first companies in the contingent workforce industry to deploy AI solutions to augment the search process.





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