Staff Augmentation in 2020

About Sky Solutions

Sky Solutions, LLC is a Digital Transformation Consulting Firm headquartered in the Washington D.C. Metro Area. We help leading Financial Services, Healthcare Organizations, and Federal Agencies achieve breakthrough business outcomes through Digital Process Automation (DPA) and Staff Augmentation.

Staff Augmentation Services

Sky Solutions provides personalized strategic staffing services that extend well beyond typical staff augmentation. We deliver qualified IT professionals to meet our customer mission-critical objectives using a proven, structured approach. We work with our customers to pinpoint their unique requirements and take time to understand their department and organizational culture to make better matches that last. With our vast network of technology experts, best-in-class recruiting engine, backed by a dedicated client-centric service focus;

We provide our customers with high-quality consultants that compliment and enhance existing staff. Based on the budget, timeline, and specifications we help our clients build a shortlist of candidates that perfectly match their project needs.

How is our hiring process different 

Over the years, Sky Solutions has closed numerous highly skilled tech vacancies for our customers’ offices across the US.

Following the strictly laid out principles and strategies to identify and fill a vacancy of our customer. Our recruiters primary task consisted of filing various development roles with identifying qualified specialists, our recruiters were given a goal to identify highly qualified and skilled specialists in the specific tech stack and see if they can match up to the vision and work life of our customer before we could propose to our customer, this has directly resulted in maintaining a near 0% attrition for last three consecutive years.

Despite the competition, we have successfully identified and helped our customers in fulfilling their tech talent requirements across various tech stacks and we are extremely delighted to share that we have significantly exceeded our goals for the year considering all SLA parameters for every customer we are associated with.

However, being a silver partner for PEGA, our primary focus has been on identifying and placing highly skilled PEGA consultants across all levels from Developers to Architects and Business Analysts for our highly trusted customers and we could make the success ratio incline year by year.

Whom did we help in 2020?

At Sky Solutions we have successfully helped companies from small, medium to large scale enterprises during the year 2020, in addition to serving our customers from private and public sector enterprises, we are proud to have federal agencies as our customers. We have successfully been helping some of the very reputable state and federal agencies.

As a part of our PEGA Staffing outreach program 83% of our PEGA consultants have been directly working for federal agencies and 17% of our consultants are supporting our small to large scale enterprise customers.

How different are consultants provided by Sky Solutions?

Sky Solutions handles each vacancy received as a new challenge. We have a flexible delivery approach ensuring we work in the way you want us to whilst ensuring high quality outcomes for our customers. 

Each position filled by our team at Sky Solutions is extremely well screened and matched not just with the tech skills they possess but also we identify if the consultants meet the business needs, environment, and culture of the client.

Technical Aptitude is just a small part of what makes our consultants top class. Sky Solutions also screens for leadership, collaboration, communication, problem solving, and ability to interact with clients/stakeholders.

Sky analytics can help take you to the next level. From an employers perspective – nothing is harder than trying to find good talented tech talents. Sky screens candidates who go through a very rigorous vetting process – & they manage the HR side of not only finding the talent but managing the talent as well.

Road Ahead for Sky Solutions

After yet another successful year, Sky Solutions team looks up for another challenging year as we plan to expand the success we have seen for PEGA as well as many other technologies. We thank our customers who continue to put us on their top priority to fulfill their tech talent search, we look forward to serving them with more vigor in the year ahead.

Sky Solutions will always be open to help small to large scale corporations with their tech talent search.

We can talk though different approaches and service offerings we provide.

If you are interested in learning more, please let us know. We will be happy to be a part of your success path.




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