Streamlining Grants Management


Sky Solutions is partnered with a federal law enforcement agency that provides leadership, grants, training, technical assistance and other resources to both victims of crime as well as policing organizations. This client has an urgent need to streamline their grant management process. We are working with them to improve the experience for their 25,000 users through a customer-centric approach so that they will be equipped to manage grants, processes, and services more efficiently.

The Goal

The agency seeks to implement continuous improvements to the services, processes, and systems that are managing grants. There are currently multiple existing siloed Case Management platforms that support the management of grants. Their overall goal is to minimize the burden of grant management for both internal and external users by creating a more user-centric experience. They want to streamline the solicitation of applications and implement an award management process that reduces processing times. This can only be achieved by doing the following:

  • Improving access to and accuracy of data
  • Reducing the need for manual data entry
  • Creating efficient and automated workflows
  • Enabling enterprise-wide access to data
  • Allowing access to online forms with built-in data validation
  • Streamlining end-to-end processes
  • Leveraging government-wide shared services
  • Integrating with existing COTS solutions

The Challenge

This agency is grappling with old-school processes and multiple, disparate legacy systems that aren’t scalable and are hurting their efficiency. They also have a need to move their financial systems to a new external financial and treasury system which created a costly and complicated process for user administrators. They are attempting to support their Office of CIO’s mission to improve:

  • Operational efficiencies
  • Establishing IT-oriented Centers of Excellence (CoE)
  • Cost reduction and avoidance
  • Strengthening their mission capabilities by implementing an enterprise shared service strategy

The agency wants to achieve its mission capabilities by implementing an enterprise shared service strategy, and by provisioning enterprise processing solutions for the agency. This will enable them to increase public safety and improve the fair administration of justice across America through innovative leadership and programs. These efforts have been founded on a “Better/Faster/ Cheaper” philosophy and align with the spirit and requirements of the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) and other related information technology management practices.

The Solution

Sky is leveraging our Pega partnership and our Teaming Partner to architect, design, develop, and deploy a single Case Management platform called Dynamic Case Management (DCM) deployed on the Pega Cloud. The solution will address their entire case management process and unite many legacy systems to deliver a single case management platform. Sky is helping to capture, standardize and consolidate their processes onto the unified platform.

What We Did

  • Digital Process Automation (DPA), including Customer Success Leadership
  • Agile Application Development, including design, architecture and development
  • Low-code Development

The Outcome

A streamlined process is providing value to the agency through the improvement of the customer experience, increased internal efficiency and cost reduction. These improvements are fulfilling public policy objectives while minimizing administrative operations. The first release on the new case management platform was deployed into production four months ahead of schedule. The next release will include a Single Sign On (SSO) feature which will eliminate the need for users with multiple roles to have to log out and log back into the grants application to manage different cases. This feature alone will have a tremendous impact on internal productivity.

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